The Youth Readiness Council is building a portable Safety Town to provide safety education to preschool through first grade students throughout St. Clair County.


Every day the children face new challenges as they learn the proper way to cross the street, buckle their seat belt, wear a helmet while riding a bicycle and understand the colors of the traffic light and traffic signs. In addition, we will cover other safety lessons such as: strangers, home, fire, railroad tracks, school bus, guns and how to dial 911.

Safety Town is a fun 1.5 hour safety awareness program that is designed for a child in Preschool through grade 1. Through this child-sized town, the children are taught basic safety lessons that they will use for the rest of their life.

The Council is offering a one-time opportunity to become a SAFETY TOWN CHAMPION for a $500 donation which will enable the project to be completed and ready for use in late summer.  Champions will be recognized on a display wall at every Safety Town event, recognized in various promotions, handouts and other opportunities as they arise.


The Youth Readiness Council provides opportunity for teens Grades 8-11 from throughout St. Clair County complete self-selected youth preparedness projects; to voice their opinions, experiences, ideas, solutions, and questions on youth disaster readiness with the leadership of HSEM, and to increase safety education for younger children.



295 Airport Dr.

Kimball, MI 48074


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